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Rats R Cool!!!
15 Resons a Rat is Better Than a Man


15 Resons a Rat is Better Than a Man
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1.A rat doesn't care what your making for dinner.

2.A rat doesn't care if your haveing a bad hair day.

3.Rats are understanding.

4.A rat dosen't care if your late.

5.Rats are cute.

6.A rat will not sneak around behind your back.

7.A rat will not spend all your money.

8.Two rats are better than one.

9.A rat will not "borrow" your credit card.

10.A rat cannot total your car.

11.Rats do not drink.

12.Rats do not smoke.

13.Rats are not cheep.

14.Rats will spare no troble to please you.

15.Rats can at least try to like your cat!