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Here are some pic's of me and my rattie friends!

NOTE: Hold cursor over photo to see text

[Please excuse mom's bad photograph:)]

Speed and Lady stand up!

Look what Speed and Lady can do!


This is my friend, Mary P. Shack.

Speed and Lady Love the Rat&Mouse Gazette!

Speed and Lady are very talented! Now they can read!

Smoke Lightning & Peekachoo

Smoke Lightning and Peekacho  sit in a box. BOXES ARE REALLY FUN! (For rats anyway.)

Speed, Lady, and their favorite hobby...eating!

Speed and Lady may be talented, but they are also FAT! (I think Johanna needs to cut down on the yogurt drops!) Here they are eating...what else...YOGURT DROPS!

Me (Reba) and my friend Mary

See I told you rats love boxes! Look what a good time I am having on this box! Oh... yeah... I guess Mary IS in this photo too...

Peekachoo reading the Rat & Mouse Gazette

Speed and Lady better watch out! Peekacho can read the gazette too!

Smoke and Peekachoo

Smoke Lightning and Peekacho! (Look at Smoke's face, is that the sweetest face you've ever seen!)

"NOOO! Let me out!" Says Speed

"NOOO! Let me out!" Says Speed.

Me and Mary say hello to our friend Nicole

Here I am clawing my friend Nicole! (Okay...yeah...Mary is in this photo too.)


Speed sits on a candle!
Speed sits on a candle!

Lady, Mom's hand, and some Koosh Balls!

Lady's nest in some koosh balls!

Lady on Cleo and Leo's House!

Lady sits on Cleo and Leo's old tank.

This is what my brother Tempolton looks like!

This is what my brother Tempolton looks like!

Not all rats belong to my mom, some belong to our human friend Johanna. You can go to her ratties page below!